Learn to divide environments with the right colors

As we’ve already mentioned, the colors are the great differential of this project. One of the
highlights is the room for young people colored in the School Uniform color. The inspiration for
this tone is in a painting hanging on the wall. Thus, the blue enhances the details of the room
and gives more personality to the environment, which is vibrant, but at the same time, cozy.
For the couple’s room, Kika Mattos granted a special request. The owners wanted the pink
room and the architect opted for Rosa Carinho, a light tone that in this case contrasts with the
Patativa color, a dark gray almost black. The colors divide the room and extend to the ceiling,
an ideal solution for rooms with higher ceilings.
The corridor that gives access to the bedrooms, bathroom and toilet, however, was painted in
the Jardim Noturno color, a shade of green that ensures unity and helps to highlight the works
of art throughout the house. The color has a greyish background, like the other colors used in
the apartment, helping to create a harmonious decor with attention to detail.
The same color was used in the grandmother’s room, which had half of its walls painted in
Jardim Noturno green, from outside to outside, helping to give a feeling of continuity and
spaciousness to the environment. Furthermore, the half-painted wall simulates the
headboards of the beds. To contrast with green and avoid the obvious white, Chromium gray
was chosen to paint the other half of the wall and ceiling. Infinity Pro residential interior painting service